Sep 4 2013

YouTube vids of the month

YouTube is an awesome place filled with many awesome things, but it can be difficult to find some of the awesome things amongst the detritus of cat videos and thirteen year olds singing along to Justin Bieber. Here’s some of my favourite videos, discovered during those few online moments when I’m not watching reruns of Mock the Week on–you guessed it–YouTube.

CDZA’s History of Wooing Men

If you haven’t subscribed to CDZA’s amazing videos, you should. Right now. This, though, is my absolute favourite of the bunch, and not just because I’m in love with the singer.

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May 13 2010

Public not private: how to lose £1,000 in 140 characters

Paul Chambers: fined £1,000 for single tweetAh, Twitter. To some, it’s the best way of keeping abreast of the latest developments round the world; to others, it’s a nuisance site filled with reprobates with too much free time on their hands. Whichever way you think of it, it is certainly popular, with around 19% of US internet users logging into the service to share updates about themselves and to catch up on news from friends and celebrities.

Pity, then, poor Paul Chambers, whose innocent tweet about his frustrations with the Robin Hood airport in South Yorkshire, UK, has led to a guilty verdict and a £385 fine, a £15 victims surcharge and £600 in court costs, not to mention the loss of his job. So what did Chambers do to be branded a potential terrorist and invoke a fine that would put most petty criminal punishments to shame?

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