Ranking James Bond

In 2013, I undertook the ultimate 007 mission: watch and rank all of the James Bond films.

I failed.

I got as far as Casino Royale that year. I’ll be finishing off the series soon, but in the meantime, here are all of the reviews so far, in ranking order.

Read my introduction here.

  1. Casino Royale (dir. Martin Campbell, 2006)
  2. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (dir. Peter Hunt, 1969)
  3. From Russia With Love (dir. Terence Young, 1963)
  4. Goldeneye (dir. Martin Campbell, 1995)
  5. The Spy Who Loved Me (dir. Lewis Gilbert, 1977)
  6. Goldfinger (dir. Guy Hamilton, 1964)
  7. Licence To Kill (dir. John Glen, 1989)
  8. The Living Daylights (dir. John Glen, 1987)
  9. Live And Let Die (dir. Guy Hamilton, 1973)
  10. Tomorrow Never Dies (dir. Roger Spottiswoode, 1997)
  11. For Your Eyes Only (dir. John Glen, 1981)
  12. Dr No (dir. Terence Young, 1962)
  13. You Only Live Twice (dir. Lewis Gilbert, 1967)
  14. The World Is Not Enough (dir. Michael Apted, 1999)
  15. The Man With The Golden Gun (dir. Guy Hamilton, 1974)
  16. Octopussy (dir. John Glen, 1983)
  17. Thunderball (dir. Terence Young, 1965)
  18. A View To A Kill (dir. John Glen, 1985)
  19. Die Another Day (dir. Lee Tamahori, 2002)
  20. Diamonds Are Forever (dir. Guy Hamilton, 1971)
  21. Moonraker (dir. Lewis Gilbert, 1979)

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