Experienced writer, professional game producer and amateur archery instructor.

I write about anything; my greatest asset is my ability to match any required tone or style. Professionally, I’ve written about everything from the business side of Cadbury Creme Egg production to a script for Tom Baker. I’ve edited two books, one of which featured several stories and poems I wrote. I am available for bespoke writing and editing; contact me to find out more!

These days, I mostly blog about whatever is currently on my mind—usually, films and gaming, and occasionally comics.

I have been described as a professional nerd. I am okay with this.

This is Tom Baker. This actually happened.

I’ve been working in the gaming industry since 2012, first as a copywriter and these days as a senior game producer. Writing all those game scripts taught me that every development process relies on detailed, well structured documentation. Mapping out a game as a series of instructions catches 90% of the problems before a line of code is even written.

Prior to my time in gaming, I’ve worked as a digital copywriter, editor and project manager, I’ve run social media for several companies, and I’ve taken the lead on digital marketing campaigns, including building email newsletters and SEO-compliant landing pages in HTML.

I shoot with a freestyle recurve, an American flatbow, and a longbow called Suzy that I made myself.

Contact me now if you want spiffy writing and / or excellent editing, or if you want to talk about games.

If you want to learn archery, sign up for a Have a Go or full course at 2020 Archery.

For my full career history, check out my LinkedIn profile.