Gravity Bomber – finished!

It occurred to me that I never finished my mini-series of blog posts about Gravity Bomber, despite having a strong final version of the game.
My life being what it is right now—by which I mean, busy—I never quite managed to pull in the full intended feature list to the game. However, I did manage to source some rather snazzy sounds (which, as expected, added a lot of file size to the game), and there are now asteroids floating around the game level that award points to the player that hits them.

The big updates, though, involved updating the game UI to be a little more eye-catching. Buttons are one of those areas that most people find rather boring, even in my day job. However, there are loads of online resources—several of which are free—that can create all kinds of snazzy buttons.

More importantly, I also created a working main menu. This was a large part of the project because I decided that the player should be able to:

  • Play multiple game modes, both against the AI or against another human player.
  • Play on different difficulty levels.
  • Track their high scores (which are saved between game sessions).
  • Change the colours of their ship and missile.
New UI, new game modes, new asteroids. Done.

I spent a fair bit of time tinkering with the level generation, as detailed previously. It’s still relatively slow, but I think I’ve found the best balance between generating new levels and using pre-made ones.

Oh, I also disabled the debug mode so that you can’t cheat any more. :)

Anyway, download the finished game from here:
Download GravityBomber .exe file — Windows only — 60MB

Good luck and shout with any feedback or questions! I’ve moved on to a couple of alternative projects since I finished Gravity Bomber: a work prototype that enabled us to test the maths on an upcoming game, and a JRPG-inspired card battler that has been enormous fun to build but which might never see the light of day due to time restraints.

…and here it is. Maybe I’ll finish it soon!