Written as the dissertation to my MA in Creative Writing, Continue? takes its inspiration from video games. The protagonist is thrown into a world that takes the rules of games that range from the open city of Grand Theft Auto to the barren blackness of Pong. But where is he, and can he ever win – or escape?

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To Breathe Clean Air

This story debuted in the SINS anthology. A look at the logical progression of relationships in the digital age, it is a romance dressed as science fiction. When the book was launched, it was lauded as “highly original” and is now one of my favourite pieces of work from my own collection.

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Night-Time On The M4

A story in four parts, Night-Time On The M4 also featured in the SINS anthology. Originally conceived as a poem, the merits of writing it in prose quickly became apparent to keep it grounded in reality. Studying in Wales and living in Bristol has meant that I have driven along the M4 many times, and the story was dreamt up somewhere between Swansea and Cardiff.

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