YouTube vids of the month

YouTube is an awesome place filled with many awesome things, but it can be difficult to find some of the awesome things amongst the detritus of cat videos and thirteen year olds singing along to Justin Bieber. Here’s some of my favourite videos, discovered during those few online moments when I’m not watching reruns of Mock the Week on–you guessed it–YouTube.

CDZA’s History of Wooing Men

If you haven’t subscribed to CDZA’s amazing videos, you should. Right now. This, though, is my absolute favourite of the bunch, and not just because I’m in love with the singer.

Christina Bianco’s Diva Impressions

Just to prove that there really is something weirdly attractive about a woman who can sing in any style she chooses, here’s Christina Bianco impersonating 18 different divas in 1 song.

Ask a Slave

Lizzie Mae is the creation of comedian Azie Mira Dungey, who used to work as an historical re-enactor at Mount Vernon. Funny–scary–stuff, and definitely worth subscribing to future videos!


Did you know there’s an entire orchestra made up of people with electric guitars? They’re called Sinfonity, and they make awesome music awesome-er.

Tetris Rock Medley

You must have seen by now the ongoing competition amongst some scarily talented YouTubers to create the best version of Pachelbel’s Canon on an electric guitar. No? Go educate yourself. Anyway, when you finish, watch this chap, who is very talented and who manages to get Canon into the Tetris theme tune. And rock.

Acapella Tetris Theme

Bored of Tetris yet? If not–because it’s actually physically impossible to get bored of the Tetris theme–here’s more.

 POV Crane Climb

I get vertigo any time I go over six foot in the air, which is annoying as I’m six foot two and am constantly terrified when walking along at sea level or higher. Which is why I will never understand a man who is willing to hang off a crane. With only one hand.

Batman vs Wolverine

Want yet more proof that TV is doomed because all the talent is now online? Watch this, starting at around 2:08. Batman vs Wolverine. No, seriously: BATMAN VS WOLVERINE.

(With thanks to Vinay and Barry)

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